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Jekyll and Hyde Club, New York

5.0 stars


The Jekyll and Hyde Club

The Jekyll and Hyde Club is a theme restaurant located on 7th Avenue in New York City, modeled after the novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I only visited the restaurant portion of the place, so I can't vouch for the Pub, although I've heard great reviews about it. The pervasive theme throughout the restaurant is spooky horror, as depicted through the slew of actors/book characters that roam throughout and eerie sound effects that come from different corners of the restaurant. The English Gothic interior architecture coupled with the staggered mysterious masks hanging from the walls provide the perfect ambiance and set the mood for genuine spook. It's definitely a lively alternative to common boring sit-eat-leave restaurants. In general, you'll find classic American fare as the menu specialty. One thing I would recommend is opting for a table inside, as most of the excitement and energy beams from the enclosed walls. Do you dare to try? [more ]

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