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Mall Road, Mussoorie

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Mall Road: From Picture Palace to the Library

Mall Road is the stretch that extends from the eastern end of Picture Palace to the western end of the Library. It's the main road of Mussorie. You can find all your essentials from clothes to electronics to food items. There are some really tasty food stalls along this mark that sell some of the tastiest north Indian food I've tried. But to ensure optimal levels of hygiene, have the vendor wash the dishes with bottled water in front of you. The street is bustling with foreigners and locals at any time of the day and the stall vendors are extremely hospitable. One thing I would surely recommend is purchasing your Kashmiri and paschmina scarves from vendors here. It's much more economical than the big cities and highly authentic. I remember seeing the same scarf here for Rs. 400 and in Delhi for Rs. 2700. Most of the times the items are locally made, so you not enjoy only your purchase, but you walk out satisfied that you're giving back to the community. And also, Bohemian-style jewelry and clothes are extremely popular here and not to mention, very inexpensive. Mall Road is definitely the place to stock up! [more ]

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Mall Road Mussoorie one of many cows on the street
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