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Pao Tsin, Las Piñas

5.0 stars


The Most Delicious Shark's Fin Ever

When in the mall, specifically near the grocery or supermarket area, you might want to try Pao Tsin, a local food store that features Chinese dimsum. Pao Tsin is also famous for its "packaged" meals which usually comprise dimsum combined with its specialty rice. Pao Tsin is not exactly a resto but as a food stall, I must say that the people lining up here are quite plenty. It is not unusual to arrive at the scene with patrons standing and eating their orders at the side or on small tables near the area. You might want to join in the action by ordering bestsellers like steamed scallop or shark's fin dumplings. The latter being my personal favorite. Be sure to pair these with coconut juice to have a refreshing gastronomic experience. [more ]

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