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Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

4.0 stars


Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park is the biggest park in San Francisco, from what I understood. I really suggest visiting the park. It really impressed me. First of all, it’s enormous and secondly, it has so many attractions inside it that you could spend about 2 days visiting it. There are several museums and gardens inside the park. I really liked the Japanese Gardens. That is where I spent most of the time. What I also liked about the park is the shuttle that takes you to several important attractions inside the park. I had to use it a lot, because my girlfriend hates walking. [more ]

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Golden Gate Park San Francisco Indy Arts Expo, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Sept. 2009 San Francisco - Golden Gate Park Tulips in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Historic Dutch windmill in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
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2. Alioto's Restaurant 6.99 mi
3. Ana Mandara 9.27 mi
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