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Orchard Road, Singapore City

5.0 stars


Exploring the Orchard Road

What I can say is the Orchard Road is the heart of Singapore When you're a newbie in Singapore, I suggest you simply go to Orchard Road. It's full of everything a tourist needs--hotels, souvenir shops, cafes, and museums including the National Museum of Singapore. What people do on this road is either shop or simply walk around. I did both! When I got tired of walking, I entered a shopping center; and the rest was history inside my closet. It was also in Orchard Road where my family found a good hotel to stay in. But my favorite thing about the Orchard Road is its air-conditioned underground walkway. This structure only reflects that Singapore is a fully-industrialized country, and a good tourist destination at that. [more ]

familiar, yet different

Singapore, on first sight, had a lot in common with many Northern American cities I have visited. The main shopping district on Orchard Road with its many shopping centers, malls and food courts, skyscrapers everywhere… but it has a different feel to it, and a different smell, and probably not simply due to the exotic foods and the tropical weather. Maybe it is Singapore’s renowned cleanliness that makes the difference; here you can expect expensive fines for spitting out your chewing gum. [more ]

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