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La Mer Beach Restaurant, Tel Aviv

3.0 stars


La Mer Beach Restaurant

Generally, I try not to visit the restaurants situated directly on the Tel Aviv beaches simply because they're priced for tourists. Most money conscious travelers know that hot tourist spots also mean high prices. But in the case of La Mer Beach Restaurant, sometimes we have to pay a little more for not only a good meal, but also for an amazing view.

If you must eat on a Tel Aviv beach, I suggest timing it for the sunset at La Mer Beach Restaruant. You'll pay a bit more for the food, but it's a stunning experience to sit at a table directly in the sand while the sun sets on the Mediterranean Sea in front of you.

The beach is easy to find as it's close to the intersection of Gordon and Hayarkon. Not to mention, all of the tables are lit by large red cones that can be seen from half a kilometer away. Tasty. Beautiful. Relaxing. [more ]

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