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Hana Japanese Cuisine, Leura

4.0 stars


Sushi secret is out in Leura

I have heard it called the best kept secret in Leura, Hana Japanese Restaurant is located by the Hillcrest Family Restaurant behind the information. How it is so secret when it is always crowded is a mystery to me. Where there is great food people always seem to find it. It is a very good value for authentic Japanese food of sushi.

It is a small dining area, very neatly done with modern decor. The staff is very friendly, but most are working holiday visa holders and not very well trained. They are better during lunch when it is not so rushed, but come dinner time there may be a wait while they figure out what they are doing to where. The high note is the food is always fresh and nicely displayed with great flavour. Once in awhile you will catch the salmon being a bit dry, but that is just an off chance. There is always ample to go around.

Menu prices run: sushi $6.00-$17.00, sides $2.00-$8.00, vegan dishes $11.00; deep fried, noodle and grilled dishes $11.00-$19.50, and lunch items are $9.80-$13.50.

They are open for lunch and dinner on Tuesday thru Saturday and all credit cards are accepted.

I can’t bring myself to eat raw fish or eel under any circumstances. My son loves the stuff and I stop to treat him once in awhile with take away. He isn’t an expert in the sushi food, but he know what tastes good and is willing to try anything Japanese. [more ]

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Hana Japanese Cuisine Leura
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