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Le Gobelet, Leura

5.0 stars


Romantic French dining in a secluded garden setting

One of the finest French restaurants resides in Leura, NSW, Australia. Le Gobelet stands out for it quality, style, sophistication, and the bright lavender paint covering the building. It stands out on The Mall being the first one you see as you come into town.

They are open for lunch and dinner with romantic settings and secluding garden dining. This is as close to France as you will get without flying the distance to get there. Soft music playing, an inviting atmosphere and great service that is over the standard.

Entrees run from $18.50 to $26.50 with items such as Escargots A’ la Bourguignonne (snails with special garlic sauce) and Crepe de Crabe Aux Legumes (crab meat with vegetables in a sauce all rolled in a pancake topped with cheese).

Mains run from $31.50-$98.50 with items such as Langouste Thermidore (Lobster with light Mornay mustard sauce) and Tournedos de Beuf au Rocquefort ou au Poive (Thick Fillet steak in genuine French Rocquefort sauce or green peppercorn sauce).

Desserts run from $18.50-$26.50 with items such as Crepes Suzette (pancake in Grand Marnier with fresh orange peel, delivered flamed to the table).

This would be a great spot for asking someone to marry you or an anniversary. It is relaxing and the most romantic setting of any place in the mountains. [more ]

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Le Gobelet Leura
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