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The Swiss Cottage Restaurant, Katoomba

5.0 stars


Wonderful Swiss food and great garden getaways

Swiss Cottage Restaurant in Katoomba was opened in 1991 and they satisfy all my European food cravings. I wanted some cheese fondue something fierce, I couldn’t get a hold of my father for the recipe and I don’t have a fondue pot anyways. We got a two person serving for $48.00 and Swiss chocolate dessert to make me drool more.

They are open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner and closed on Monday and Tuesday. They take no credit cards, no dessert only bookings, and no BYO cakes.

Entrees run from $9.50-$25.00, mains from $19.50 -$54.00, desserts $13.00-$24.00 and sides are $3.00-$12.00. They have gluten free items on the menu.

This cottage was built in 1898 and the Kummers have restored it to the original charm of the era. There is an open fire for those crisp cool evenings and a wonderful garden setting for sunny lunches. You would not believe such a lovely garden would be so near to the town centre. It is a Swiss/Australia styling that works just right. The inside is cosy and such an amazing atmosphere.

The owners also have the Cuckoo’s Nest, a self-contained cottage above the restaurant with a loft bedroom and French doors open to the gardens off the living room. Prices run for two people $150 for one night, to $300 for three nights. This is a romantic bungalow for just the two of you to get away. Set up in creamy reds and country decor.

They also have a bigger nest situated just six minutes from the Three Sisters of three bedrooms unit on six acres. It is a small farm with chickens and goats so would be a great getaway with the kids. I want to go there just to relax in a country setting I am familiar with. I miss my chickens and goats back home sometimes. It runs $150 for two people a night to $440. There are weekly rates available from $840-$1040. [more ]

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The Swiss Cottage Restaurant Katoomba
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