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Barbie Music Venue, Tel Aviv

3.0 stars


Barbie Music Venue

If you're in the mood for music in Tel Aviv, check out Barbie in south Tel Aviv.

I was pleasantly surprised by this music venue that, from the outside, doesn't look like much more than a large warehouse. After seeing an advertisement for a Beatles cover band, I knew that I had to go check out this venue.

Be prepared to have your bag checked by security at the front entrance. Of course, after being in Israel for a short time, you should already be aware that most buildings have a guard stationed at the front door.

The venue is small but clean with tables set up on the main floor for most shows. There is a small side balcony area and large bar at the back of the house. It fills up quickly so be sure to arrive early. The sound quality was magnificent, especially for a small club.

My only quirks are with the cost of drinks and bathroom facilities. I paid NIS 19 ($5) for a standard bottle of beer (Heinekin). The bathrooms are little nightmarish as the female bathroom only had one toilet without any toilet paper. As are with most public venues, expect long lines for the women's bathroom. [more ]

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