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Kabos Restaurant, Thessaloniki

5.0 stars


Thessaloniki - Perea Kabos restaurant

When visiting Thessalonica with my girlfriend I stayed near the airport for one night – in the suburb of Perea to be exact. Just in front of a small beach with view to the Thermaic Gulf of Thessalonica, Perea has many nice little fish restaurants. It was winter time, so with almost nobody in the streets.

Kabos Restaurant was our choice, and we were alone with the owners of the restaurant. They made us a delicious fish dish – and we had a couple of bottles of this amazing Greek white wine called Palaios Ampelos, from the Ioannina region. We shared one bottle with the son of the restaurant’s owners who made us company until the end of a very nice evening.

I can imagine that the outside tables must get totally occupied in the summer – but this way one can really get to know people and enjoy a delicious meal as if at home. Of course we brought a couple of Palaios Ampelos bottles back to Germany!! [more ]

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