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U Cerneho Vola, Prague

5.0 stars


U Sevce Matouse

If you're looking for something that offers a little more sustenance
than bar food, head next door from U Cerneho Vola to U Sevce Matouse
for a steak grilled to perfection and pommes frites that get better
with each round of beers. A former cobbler, Praguers of yore used to
get their lunches here while waiting for their boots to be repaired.
They'll look at you slightly odd nowadays if you kick off your shoes,
but the atmosphere is comfortable enough to be tempting. If you're
counting koruna, opt for the prix-fixe meals. Unlike most tourist
traps, these are a treat, especially after a long castle hike. [more ]

The Black Ox

U Cerneho Vola, or in English The Black Ox, is a warm, dark, smoky
ancient joint that is only about 50 years old. Its history, however,
feels much richer. Chalk it up to the feel of being in a provincial
beer hall once you set foot inside, complete with communal tables, no
bar stools, and old, weathered Czech men drinking at 1 o'clock in the
afternoon. This is one of the few places in the area that guarantees
local artists (and tourists) a cheap beer—and the Kozel is worth the
hike up. [more ]


This place was great. It's exactly how I imagined a Czech beer house in my mind, and it lived up to every expectation both in terms of beer, and food. The menu is nothing special, but they do make an effort to serve basic food in the best way possible, to complement the beer. We sat around and ate old-fashioned food and drank old-fashioned beer for what seemed like hours, and the whole evening was wonderful. The service is great, too, and everyone in the place was really friendly. Our waitress got a big tip. [more ]

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