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Koi, Mojácar

5.0 stars


Breakfast at Koi Cafe

This is a wonderful little café near the Parque Commercial on Mojacar Playa. It’s open most of the day, and judging by the plates that pass under my nose en route to other tables, there’s a wide selection of delicious food. Yet I always have the same thing. I’ve turned into a creature of habit, I like routine.

Most mornings I slip in for my favourite breakfast, strong black Americano coffee and two donuts. The donuts are complimentary, they come with the coffee. If I order another coffee, two more donuts appear. How good is that? My taste buds are in heaven, my arteries may start to grumble very soon.

The staff are terrific; they practise their English, I practise my Spanish. They’re doing a lot better than me. Oh, and like a lot of places I visit here, it’s just across the road from the beach. Heavenly! [more ]

Mi Taberna; Where the Spanish Go

This is a cracking bar, right across the road from the beach front of Mojacar Playa. I knew it would be a great place as soon as I walked through the front door and heard lots of Spanish being spoken. That's always a good tip here, find out where the Spanish go, and follow. You won't be disappointed. And we weren't.

Inside it can get packed and a little smoky. The refreshing ice cold beer does what it says on the tin and the bottle of house red we had was delicious.

For most of the evening we sat outside, our conversations briefly interrupted by gasps of 'ooh' and 'ahh' as the light reflected from the moon created a stunning pathway across the sea to the horizon.

We left the bar at 3 am, and were one of the first to do so. Like many bars here, they close when the last person leaves. An excellent system. [more ]

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