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Muse, Beijing

5.0 stars


Pho for everyone

I am a huge fan of pho, (sounds like “Fuhh”) which is Vietnamese noodle soup. This is some serious soup. First of all, it’s gigantic, and can keep you full all day, but the broth is delicate and flavorful, the noodles are solid and hearty, and the meats are fantastic. You can get steak strips, tendons, tripe slices, brisket, meat balls, anything. Throw in some bean sprouts, jalapenos, and Sriracha hot sauce and you’re all set for Heaven.

I’m also a huge fan of Vietnamese sandwiches, which are basically the most awesome part of the fusion of French and Vietnamese culture that has come out of Vietnam. Vietnamese sandwiches combine the flaky, doughy, mouth-watery goodness of French baguettes with the spicy, juicy pork/chicken/beef meat chunks and fresh vegetables of Vietnam to make the world’s best sandwiches.

Both of these amazing foods can be found at Muse, a Vietnamese restaurant in Chaoyang district. The service is fast and the décor is modern and tasteful, but sometimes there can be a line because it’s not a huge place. Muse has all kinds of French Vietnamese fusion dishes in addition to the two favorites of mine above, all of which are worth trying (especially the spring rolls!). It’s not super expensive, between 100 and 200 yuan for a couple, and considering the unique foods you’ll be getting and the nice atmosphere of the restaurant, it’s a steal. I tend to go for lunch because it’s not as crowded as for dinner, but I think you may be able to call ahead and make a reservation for dinnertime.

There are so many good things to choose from it’s hard to go as a single or couple… Your best bet is to take at least a party of 6 and then try some of each other’s plates. That’s what we always do, because none of us can ever decide between all of our favorites! [more ]

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