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Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar (Ulan-Bator)

4.0 stars



Face-to-face with Chinggis Khan at Sukhbaatar Square

The coolest thing I saw at Sukhbaatar Square were the statues of Chinggis Khan, the great Mongolian warrior and statesman as well as his four advisers surrounding the parliament building, the Government House. The status of Chinggis Khan looms large, kind of portly but also quiet and quite lifelike, as he would awake any second and resume the expansion of his empire!

I for one, loved the atmosphere that was warm and collegial—even if it was too chilly to be outside! The square in general is a lovely place where local people gather often in the evenings—from lovers to great bunches of friends. It’s no wonder that this is the major meeting place especially after the celebration of Mongolia’s 5 medalists at the recent Beijing Olympics [more ]

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