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Government Guesthouse, Hanoi

4.0 stars


Home in Hanoi: Government Guest House

Near the Lake Hoan Kiem, my friend and I stayed at the Government Guesthouse in the heart of the city. Converted from the former Residence of the Governor of Tonkin long ago, the guesthouse is often to let for local official of the country when visiting in Hanoi. But even if we were not part of the government delegation, we were happy to have a cozy home in a guesthouse with its own courtyard!

For around 55 US dollars you get great amenities, an old-style bath and daily breakfast of pho bo (beef noodle soup), Vietnamese iced coffee or some fruit and yogurt. What I loved most was the central location—you could literally walk to the lakeside, the many coffeeshops, drugstore, bank, etc. Also, it meant taxi fares were not so bad too when coming back on late nights clubbing or pub-hopping in Hanoi. [more ]

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