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Ulaanbaatar Opera House, Ulaanbaatar (Ulan-Bator)

4.0 stars


Opera Music in Mongolia!

One of the best places and deals I've had in the performing arts is at the Ulaanbaatar State Opera House! Just located off Sukhbaatar Square itself in the heart of downtown UB city, you can never miss out of this brightly colored pink building with columns, as if from a European city!

It's formal name is a mouthful--be prepared--the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Mongolia. The performances range from ballet to standard western favorites--though the non-Mongolian performances are few and far between, mainly since visa's are hard to come-by through China or Moscow, but still there's a lot of good deals for a lovely performance to be had like our family when we visited! In our case when we were there, the Battery Dance Troupe was there. [more ]

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