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Restaurants, Dublin

5.0 stars


Food in Dublin

I was surprised to see the large amount of both Italian and Asian restaurant selections.
Apparently this is from the high flux of immigrants that migrated to the country within the past few decades. We did try a few of these and they were quite lovely. However, I was looking for a traditional Irish meal…and not at a high price (which is what we did find on our first attempt).

Temple Bar, by far, is the easiest area to find restaurants. However, because this is a tourist area, prices tend to run a lot higher. We did eat in this area one evening, and the food was well worth what we paid, but not what we wanted to pay to begin with.

We found a cluster of Italian restaurants off Grafton Street on Chatham and a few more on Georges Street located on the southside of the River Liffey. In the end, we had a hard time finding Irish eateries, but were not disappointed by a few places we did eat at. On average, we were paying between €15-€20 for dinner, not including any additional drinks or appetizers. We did find a few “early bird” specials for €10-€15.

The next time I head to Dublin, I plan to do a little more restaurant research in advance. [more ]

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