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Cerro Otto, San Carlos de Bariloche

5.0 stars


Activities at Cerro Otto

There are also some adventure activities such as hiking, trekking with snow rackets and sledging in winter. I tried these last two. For the trekking with rackets you also need to rent some pieces of clothes recommended for the trek. A guide will take a group and you follow him on a line. Although it is nothing extreme, you will need to have good health conditions, since it gets really strenuous on the slopes. I am not used to snow so it was quite an adventure for me. I felt I was really inside the mountain landscape! I also tried sledging. There is a special track for this. You get a small sledge, and you just slide down at great speed. It was a lot of fun! [more ]

A revolving hill (or sort of...): Cerro Otto (part II)

Something unique about the hill is its revolving bar and restaurant on the top part. It revolves 360 degrees in 15 minutes or so, so you can enjoy the surrounding landscapes while having a delicious meal or hot chocolate (I promise you won’t get dizzy!). I was unfortunate enough to visit it twice in different years and it was so cloudy that I could see only 10 meters far… This happens especially during the winter, but don’t get discouraged by my bad luck. There is also a night club but didn’t get the chance to visit the hill at night. On the top you can also find an art gallery with very good reproductions of the Moses, David and The Pieta. I haven’t seen the originals so it was interesting to have a look at these, despite the fact that it was an odd location for such pieces. [more ]

A revolving hill (or sort of..): Cerro Otto

This is the single most famous hill in the Bariloche area. It is located only 5 km away from the city and you can reach there easily by bus or car. It is one of those places that all tourist visit. I do believe the cerro Otto deserves a visit if you are in the area.
When I visited during the Summer, it was possible to climb it from the base. The hill is only 1400 so you can easily do it in a morning or so. That time I didn’t reach the top however… The only bad thing about the climbing was on some parts of the trek there were lots of horseflies that would not leave us alone. I didn’t know about this, so you are warned to bring some kind of repellent.
The non-adventurous option to get to the top is using the cable railway. This is your only possibility in winter, since I don’t believe it is allowed to climb it in this season. [more ]

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