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World Food Café, London

3.0 stars


World Food Café, Soho

World Food Café at 14 Neal’s Yard (on the first floor). This place is open Monday to Friday 11.30am-2.30pm and Saturdays 11.30am-5pm. They have a few vegan options as well. It’s a spacious restaurant with a view down over the square if you choose a table near the windows. The kitchen and the counter where you order are set in the middle of the restaurant. Lunch time is often quite hectic, afternoons much calmer. The staff changes the menu every season. When we were there they had some Mexican dishes with tortilla, falafels, and an Indian masala with vegetables. I think the prices are a bit too high though. Each meal cost £6.85. The food doesn’t really live up to that. Under £5 would be a better price. But the portions are generous and the staff is friendly. They also serve desserts like chocolate cake and mango cheese cake. This isn’t the best restaurant in terms of tasty food, but the location is nice…and tourist-friendly.

On Neal’s Yard you can also find Neal’s Yard Remedies (15 Neal’s Yard) that sells good organic skincare products, herbs, cosmetics, and alternative medicine. They are open Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm and Sundays 11am-6pm. [more ]

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