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Sentosa Island, Singapore City

5.0 stars


Sentosa Island Getaway

This is the getaway island for many Singaporeans and is great for families and children. The resort island is privately operated and has developed into a place where all age groups can enjoy a day out. To get there is easy. There is a dedicated bus service from Harbourfront, a cable car, a ferry or I have also walked across the bridge. Once there, its a choice of attractions such as a large aquarium with dolphin shows, pyrotechnic shows, a top quality golf course, three very good beaches, walking trails, and of course it wouldn't be Singapore without a few shopping malls. In all, a whole day or even two can be spent on Sentosa and is a good break from the city. [more ]

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Sentosa Island Singapore City beach Sentosa Sky Tower Panorama
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1. Chinatown Hotel 0.00 mi
2. Ambassador Hotel 0.00 mi
3. New 7th Storey Hotel 0.96 mi
4. The Strand Hotel 1.27 mi
5. The Fullerton Hotel 1.32 mi
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1. Jurong Bird Park 0.00 mi
2. Indian Jewelry Shop 0.00 mi
3. The Cannery 0.00 mi
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1. The Cliff Restaurant and Lounge 0.00 mi
2. Spize The Makan Place 0.00 mi
3. 7th Storey Restaurant 0.00 mi
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