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steindamm, Hamburg

3.0 stars


Islamic Area

The Islamic area in Hamburg is situated on Steindamm, a street right next to Central Station. Because the rents were very cheap back in the days, a red light district got established there, too. There are two mosques, Arabic restaurants, Döner places and Turkish supermarkets. You can buy fresh fruits, bread, cheese, baklava, dates and all you can imagine. There are also Islamic book stores and stores where you can buy Islamic clothes. Steindamm is the area where all Arabic countries meet and where you can try food of different regions. [more ]

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1. Cinema Metroplis 0.11 mi
2. Lange Reihe 0.55 mi
3. Double-XX 1.56 mi
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1. Café Gnosa 0.64 mi
2. Daniel Wischer 1.23 mi
3. Restaurant Engel 1.56 mi
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