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Street Art Performance, Cologne

5.0 stars


Street art in front of Cologne Dome

Actually, it is very new in Cologne with the street art performance, because I had never seen it before until I visited to Cologne again in summer 2008. I like it very much; it totally changes the atmosphere in front of the Dome. There are different kinds of street art performers; you would see the mummy performer, the clown, medusa, or a duke. My favorite street art performance is the floor painting. The woman just paints on the floor and the painting is quite big. If you want to be nice, you can give these street art performers some bucks. It is not an easy job. Some have to stand there for hours without moving or maybe even the whole day. You can take pictures with them as well. I like it very much, because it makes the area Cologne Dome more crowded. [more ]

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