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Heumarkt, Cologne

4.0 stars


Hanging out at the Heumarkt, Cologne

The reason we were hanging out there was because we bought the ticket for the wine fair in Cologne. But we were too tired to search for the place and some people told us that it was around Heumarkt area. And as we arriving, I felt in love with Heumarkt. Honestly, it doesn’t look like a market at all. It is a wide open square place yet cozy, where you can walk your dog and stroll with your friends/family. Some people even bike there. If you are tired, there are some cafes where you can stop and get some beer or coffee. There is a staircase in the middle of Heumarkt, it connects to many different ways. I like it because no matter where you sit, you always have different nice view. [more ]

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