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Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

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Airport Links to Town

The airport at Suvarnabhumi is now around 2 years on from the opening, so is no longer the 'new' airport. Links to town are still being built in the form of a dedicated train, so arriving travellers still have few options for a cheap way of getting into bangkok. The taxis charge an extra 50 Baht on top of the meter fare and the bus service is OK but not direct to hotels. If saving money is a priority try the public bus from the 'ordinary' bus station. There is a shuttle bus from out side the terminal, just by the Family Mart shop on the lower floor. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the public bus station but from there the air con buses go to Victory Monument, Chinatown, Sukhumvit and Klong Toey. The signs are in English as well as Thai and the fare is about 32 Baht. [more ]

Getting Through Bangkok Airport

While some people swear that public buses are perfectly ok, I’ve never felt comfortable taking one out of the airport. Once you’re settled in your hotel, exploring the city using local means of transportation is great, but leaving the airport, full of bags, to jump on a crowded bus seems like a bit of a stretch. The two times I visited Bangkok, I took taxis into the city. The first time, I took one of the pre-paid taxis on the main mall. The benefit of this is that you pay in advance, at the airport itself, before you even get into the cab. This means no surprises and no inflated prices once you get to your destination. The other option is to take a standard taxi, which I did the second time. This option is actually cheaper, as long as you make sure that the meter is turned on and you’re not quoted a flat price (which always plays against you). If the driver asks if you want him to take the highway and you say yes, he will ask you to pay for the tolls along the way. If you want to save money, ask him to skip the highway and instead drive through the city streets. [more ]

Thailand - Bangkok Airport - Transport

There are three ways to leave the airport.

1. PUBLIC BUS - is the cheapest and it is very regualr. Just head upstairs from arrivals and they stop right outside.

2. PRE-PAY TAXI - If you prefer there is a pre-pay taxi counter in the main arrivals hall as you exit customes.

3. METER TAXI - A cheaper option than a pre-pay taxi, is a meter taxi. Again take the escalator upstairs from the arrivals hall and they queue up outside. Just make sure you insist on the meter being switched on.

N.B Be aware that in a taxi you are expected to pay the toll fees on the motorway heading into town. Some drivers will add the cost to your final farebut some will actually ask for the money as you are passing through so make sure you have some change to hand. [more ]

Getting to the airport in Bangkok

In the end I found that the budget carrier Nok Air had flights to Phuket for just 1,400 baht each way but that on the outbound leg I would need to stay in Phuket overnight. Still, with the four flights costing barely 4500 baht in total, the idea of having an extra stop in Phuket and still getting to Kuala Lumpur and back for half the price of the direct flight held some considerable appeal. I booked up everything and packed as fast as I could. It was lunchtime and my first flight left in just two and a half hours! My rushing was not exactly necessary as the famous Bangkok traffic jams seemed to be having a day off on this day, and I got to the airport in only 30 minutes! [more ]

Bangkok to Perth - choosing a flight

I had four days free whilst in Bangkok and decided to go to Perth in Western Australia for a short holiday and also to renew my Thai Visa. Apparently the Thai Consulate in Perth is supposed to be fairly quiet and so I thought that this trip would provide me with a way to kill two birds with one stone. There are several options in regards to flights, and so in order to get the best deal I went to my local travel agent in Bangkok. Thai Airways offered flights that were direct with a flight time of only 5 hours and 45 minutes. They also offered flights which stopped in Singapore as did the island nation’s Flagship carrier, Singapore Airlines. [more ]

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