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Erkhet Suld Ger Camp, Ulaanbaatar (Ulan-Bator)

4.0 stars


Out of the city - nomad style in Mongolia

Located close to the Chinggis Khan International Airport, Erkhet Suld Ger Camp is in an area which is pretty much a vacation destination even among wealthier Mongolians living in UB city. I stayed there will some friends, helping us get out of UB city for awhile and into the mountains!

A camp with permanent “Gers” which is the Mongolian name for “Yurts” the circular tents that nomadic tribes used in the deserts. It costs 35 USD a night to stay in a ger with 2 twin sized beds and 1 full sized bed with adjacent toilet. The food for a day is around 10 USD—which means a lot of mutton and beef, and Mongolian staples like buuz or mutton dumplings.

The best time to go is between July and September, which is Mongolian summertime. [more ]

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Erkhet Suld Ger Camp Ulaanbaatar (Ulan-Bator)
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