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Changi Airport, Singapore City

4.0 stars


The Best Airport in the World

Changi remains, for me, the best aiport in the world. It is not just the place itself which does what it is supposed to - provide a calm atmosphere from where you can take a plane. All the other things which can make flying a stressful experience do not seem to be at Changi. On arrival the immigration is quick as is the luggage delivery. Out in the arrivals hall the various services are clearly signpost and there are some four different ways to get into the city: Taxi, hotel shuttle bus, public bus, and MTR train. Its a delight!! Of course a limo can also be arranged, to meet you making it 5 ways. Leaving is just as easy, but being Singapore the airport departures hall is one big shopping mall. The new terminal is an even experience. Its no surprise that groups of school children are taken to Changi to enjoy a day out - its as good as that [more ]

Changi Airport, Singapore

After deciding the outbound direct flight from Dubai to Melbourne was too long, we travelled back via Singapore, where we had to break the journey for exactly 24 hours in order to pick up our connecting flight.
I had booked the Ambassador hotel in Changi Airport, which interestingly enough does not require a guarantee to secure the room. The rooms are booked in 6 hour lots, so have a high turnover and are geared ideally for sleeping and little else. They are sparse - with a kettle for tea and coffee, but no fridges in the rooms. The rooms are in need of a revamp, but for the purpose of sleeping, they were great and not too expensive either.
Staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. There is also a pool should you wish to have a quick swim between flights!
Within Changi Airport there is loads to do. In fact, it's one of the best set up airports I've ever seen. Free internet is available from several ports of 5 or 6 computers, there is a 7-Eleven which has all the food items you need (and baby items such as nappies etc...), as well as loads of shops and restaurants. At Christmas time there are large moving displays, and giveaways. Even though we had to spend 24 hours in the airport, there was enough to keep us busy the whole time! [more ]

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