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Various beach bars, Tangier

4.0 stars


Beach Bars in Tangiers

It’s surely the simple pleasures in life that are the best; an ocean breeze, a refreshing drink, good company, a beautiful view and the sound of three contented camels slurping on some water in front of you. All can be enjoyed by taking a pew in any of the beach bars in Tangiers in Morocco. There are several of them and they all line the beachfront, just outside of the port.

The bars tend be quiet during the day, and a little more lively when the sun bows out for the evening. My favourite tipple here is mint tea, it’s out of this world. Equally good in all of the bars. Hey I had time on my hands, so I stumbled from one to the other!

Now for someone who’s enjoying a lifelong love affair with strong black coffee, I find myself in the unusual position of waxing lyrical about a cup of tea. It’s like the best mint sauce in the world ever and usually brought to you in an ornate silver pot, covered with intricate engravings. Most of the time I could eek out 3 glasses from one pot, for an unbelievably cheap price.

The cold beers are good, very good, but with temperatures going through the roof, mint tea wins every time. [more ]

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