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Monument to Party Foundation, P'yŏngyang

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Monument to Korean Workers Party Foundation (North Korea)

You probably will have seen the hammer, sickle and writing brush elsewhere in North Korea so this is a good place to come to have its significance explained.

This is a relatively new monument and was constructed to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Korean Workers Party.

The monument consists of a round pedestal 70 metres in diametre, with hands holding a hammer, sickle and writing brush, and a cylindrical structure. The hammer, sickle and writing brush represent the workers, farmers and intellectuals. Each of these is 50 metres high symbolizing the Party's 50th anniversary.

The history of the Party is embossed in bronze letters on the wall of the cylindrical structure, whose diametre is also 50 metres. [more ]

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Monument to Party Foundation P'yŏngyang Monument
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