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Goi-Asia Gourmet Imbiss, Stuttgart

3.0 stars


Highlight of the Night

I can’t help it but wonder why most of the Asian restaurants are run by the Vietnamese. Well….I have no complaints but only to recommend the place after eating the enormous plate of Shichung Beef fried rice. It costs 5 Euro for 1 dish but the portion is for two. Shichung is famous for the chilly sauce with peanuts. I was glad that I also ordered a Ching Dao Beer. The Menu selection is so big that you can choose from Vietnam, Thai, and Chinese cuisine.
P.s Fried Spring roll as appetizer is definitely worthy. Though Spring Roll is said to be a traditional Chinese dish, I seldom see Spring rolls in Taiwan. It’s served only as a Dim Sum finger snack in Cantonese restaurant. [more ]

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