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Ks House Tokyo

4.0 stars


Perfect stay, tips on Ks House in Tokyo

The first tip that I have for a backpacker heading to Tokyo is to stay at this hostel. It was clean, stylish, and the toilets (the kind that spray water at your butt) proved that Japan is a superior country. Trust me, when you are sitting there you will see a handle that looks like a remote control: hit the button that looks like this:


That's my best representation of water hitting a butt that I could come up with using keyboard strokes.

Popular of course, this hostel will fill quickly. If you know you are going to Tokyo, do not hesitate to book it. There are enough shops and services nearby and the area is safe. [more ]

Ks House Tokyo Hostel

The Ks House Tokyo hostel is situated very close to the Kuramae station in the Asakusa area, which is a bit out of the way for the nightlife, but then so is most places in Tokyo.

We stayed in a 4 bed room which was clean with good air conditioning. The price was 26.51 Euro per person per night.

The staff here were very helpful and kind and we met lots of people in the common room.

The room doors did not lock automatically so sometimes we found the room unlocked after it has been cleaned. This was not a problem for us but just to remind you that you should always keep your valuables in a locker or take it with you.

The hostel has internet and Wi-Fi Access. [more ]

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