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bAKpAK Tokyo Hostel

4.0 stars


bAKpAK Tokyo Hostel

We had a great time staying at the bAKpAK Tokyo Hostel - the common room was always full of people and most nights we went out as a group.

I have to warn you though that it is quite far from JR station UENO and about a 15min walk to the nearest metro station.

Our 4 bed ensuite room was 30.93 Euros per person per night. The cheapest stay available was the 10 bed Mixed Dorm at €18.56.

No shoes were allowed in the hostel so in general it was fairly clean. The staff spoke good English and were very helpful.
There is free internet access but only two computers so bring a laptop if you plan on using the internet a lot, since they also have wi-fi. [more ]

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