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Caramelos Paco, Madrid

5.0 stars


Good sweets, we missed some more chocolates

Well situated, many tourists buying, a lot of different candies.
The owner was very friendly. [more ]

The most Colofour Candy Shop in the world

The famous quarter of La Latina in Madrid had the most picturesque shops in the whole of Madrid. A candy shop called CARAMELOS PACO had any possible shape, flavor, design or size of anything to do with candies. It was like a kids heaven but it really attracted our attention. The whole windows were covered with candy. Inside the colorful display continued. Flowers, animals, cartoon characters and all sort of theme candies were available. They had funny ones like lolliepops in the shape of a plate with fried eggs and sausages. But my favorites were definitely the flowers. It will be the perfect place to buy a little sweet gift. Some candies are sold by weight which did not make it really cheap but neither overpriced. As you walk in La Latina you will not miss it! Really cute shop! [more ]

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Caramelos Paco Madrid Most Colofour Candy Shop in the world Most Colofour Candy Shop in the world Caramelos Paco: Escaparate Caramelos Paco: Figuritas de azúcar
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