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Maracas Beach Bar, Benalmádena

4.0 stars


Great Fruit Cocktails at the Maracas Beach Bar

Just below the Bil-Bil Castle you will find the Maracas Beach Bar,a great "Chiringuito" (Terrace Beach Bar) right by the sea. They served gorgeous fruit cocktails and juices. The bar had two terraces, one in each side both right by the sea as well as a small indoor terrace with wooden floors. I really loved being able to seat with my feet on the sand while enjoying the most refreshing juice. The menu is pretty much Cocktails with alcohol, but they also offered to prepare them alcohol-free versions. As I am a T-total I was really pleased as some cocktail bars tend to stick to the alcohol menu. The staff had a big smile at all times and service was great despite being really packed. [more ]

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