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Bar 21 Restaurant, Bacolod

4.0 stars


Taste Authentic Negrense Meals at Bar 21

Yes people, though it’s commonly thought of as the stereotypical rural province that has little or no civilization and technology, Bacolod does have a night club and a very sophisticated one to boot. Bar 21 Restaurant is a bar at night, and it welcomes all beer lovers and disco addicts.

Meanwhile, it is a restaurant during the day which serves local or the so-called “Negrense” meals. With a façade that’s very avant-garde and a truly modern interior design, nobody would be able to guess that the house specialty is actually a simple Filipino dish—the Batchoy. It has been said that one has not experienced Bacolod without eating Bar 21’s super special Batchoy (a noodle soup dish with generous amounts of pork cracklings or chicharon, beef, liver, and egg.) So I daresay you try it for yourself as well. Apart from Batchoy, Bar 21 Restaurant also serves steaks and pizzas. Bar 21 Restaurant is open from 10 am to 11 pm daily; be sure to drop by at these times. [more ]

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