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Bacolod Chicken House

5.0 stars


Taste the Original

Nothing beats the original branch when it comes to restaurants. After all, that’s where the other branches started out. So during my stay in Bacolod, I didn’t waste time and headed on to the original Bacolod Chicken House. Yes, this restaurant has many branches all over Manila, but the main branch is much more festive especially because I went there during the Masskara Festival. Apart from the colorful smiling masks on the walls, colorful tables are sprawled in one huge dining room—making the overall atmosphere homey and cheerful.

But wait, there’s more! The most special aspect of this restaurant is, of course, the food it serves. It’s not an ordinary restaurant that serves common chicken dishes. It actually serves different chicken parts that have their own unforgettable taste. For the less adventurous eaters, don’t worry because Bacolod Chicken House has mainstream dishes also like pork spareribs. Eating in Bacolod Chicken House will not tear your pockets out. For as low as US$4.50, you will have another satisfying authentic Filipino dining experience. [more ]

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