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Las Piñas Art and Crafts Center

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Las Piñas Arts and Crafts Center

No, I won’t talk about shopping here. Las Piñas Arts and Crafts Center is more than that. This newly established center houses Las Piñas City’s authentic products such as weaved bread baskets, hampers, handloom blankets, and more. Since Holiday is coming, I also would like to mention the city’s Christmas lanterns made of bamboo splits. In addition, you will also see in this center how people make blankets with the use of traditional and local wooden machines.

For some, this center is a good souvenir place but for locals like yours truly, Las Piñas Arts and Crafts Center personifies the city’s slogan: “The City of Love and Progress.” While having this center proves that the city is experiencing progress, all products in this center are labors of love from the workers who come from depressed areas. The current Las Piñas government created this project primarily to give jobs to its citizens.

Simply put, to fully understand why Las Piñas City is called “The City of Love and Progress,” please take a tour in this two-floor building. [more ]

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