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Gawad Kalinga Sites, Las Piñas

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A Meaningful Place to Visit

“Bayanihan” is the noblest tradition of all Filipinos. This word doesn’t have an English translation, but its essence means helping each other. Even long before, our Filipino ancestors practiced the custom of Bayanihan. When a family needed hands to transfer its Nippa House to another place, people from the community helped each other in carrying the house on their shoulders.

Nowadays, we can’t carry houses anymore because they are cemented. But Filipinos still make a way to practice the Bayanihan custom. Thanks to the Couples for Christ’s Gawad Kalinga project, people from all over the world can participate in such a humbling custom by building houses. This project, aptly named GK 777, aims to produce 700 000 houses in 7000 communities in 7 years.

As products of this project, the Gawad Kalinga Sites (GK Sites) are becoming one of the tourist destinations in the country. Well, obviously, tourists don’t visit to bum around; instead, they hold their building gears and help in the construction of houses.

If you plan to participate in this community building project, I fully recommend that you stay in Sunshineville. It’s a GK Site located inside the BF Resort Village. A lot of foreign tourists visit and stay in this site—Taiwanese, Canadians, and more. According to them, they keep coming back to Sunshineville because of the safe surroundings and hospitable people.

Staying in a GK site involves sacrifice—lots of it. You need to understand that this destination isn’t a hotel, so you’ll stay in a GK officer’s house, which doesn’t have a huge bathroom, cushioned bed, and an air-condition. You will also share food with your host family. But, your kind of stay always depends on the organizer.

Trust me; visiting Gawad Kalinga Sites will give you a very unique travel experience. No beaches, no luxurious accommodations, and no expensive foods. But, you’ll have a chance to take home good memories and pride in yourself that even once in your life, you have made a difference. [more ]

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