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House in the Park, Beijing

5.0 stars


House in the Park- to have a nice dinning experience

Locating at the hustling and bustling CBD area of Beijing, House in the Park offers a very peaceful retreat from outside world. It hided at Huamao compound and become a mainstay on the fine dining scene.

House in the Park is ultra-chick restaurant with traditional Chinese style decoration, very delicate. Upon entering, you will find a circular pond beneath your feet, with golden fish wandering at the pond freely.

The food is served as (very) small portion, elegant and exquisite. Try their homemade shuangpin shrimp, the taste is very special.

If you want to seek privacy, there is also a small area partitioned from big dinning area, cozy with soft big sofas and light color decoration.

The price is high, yet to dine there is absolutely an experiential lifestyle. [more ]

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