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St Andrew's Church, Enfield

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St. Andrew's Church, Enfield

Whilst most tourists visiting London understandably head for the West End and the city centre, there are many fabulous places to visit in the suburbs. Tucked away in Enfield, in north London (where I used to live) is an ancient and beautiful looking church that’s anywhere between 800 and a 1000 years old. Although obviously a place of worship, the doors are also open to visitors.

I was first drawn to St. Andrew's Church during a shopping trip one Saturday morning; the church is in the heart of Enfield Town, behind the medieval market place. As I was carrying my bags to the car I heard a beautiful organ recital. Curious, I ventured in, and saw someone practising. In fact the organ, and its ornate carved wooden case (created in 1752/3) is one of the church’s greatest features.

There are many more interesting things to see inside. The earliest parts of the church date from the 13th century and include the south wall with its lancet-shaped unglazed window. I love staring at stained glass. Two windows in particular hold my attention. The first is in memory of Thomas Roos, First Earl of Rutland, and dates from 1531. His coat of arms is encircled by the blue ribbon of the garter. The second window depicts the nuns of Holywell, weeping for their founder, Sir Thomas Lovell.

The visit certainly made my shopping trip more bearable and to anyone with a love of history wanting to visit Enfield, there are many more historical sights. These include Elizabethan mansions, Tudor hunting grounds, and Roman pottery and glassware [more ]

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