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Wok to Walk, Amsterdam

5.0 stars


Awesome fast food

I hate most fast food: the one exception is pizza. Other than that, whenever people suggest getting something to carry as we walk, I end up paying for higher-end sandwiches and paninis or just getting a side of fries with ketchup in a styrofoam box because takeout burgers, hot dogs and most kebabs just don't appeal to me.

However, Wok to Walk is an incredible concept: on my five-day trip to Amsterdam I hit it way too many times to share. Let's just say, sometimes Wok to Walk provided both my lunch and my dinner.

Wok to Walk involves choosing a base (several kinds of noodles, rice or vegetables), as many add-ins as you like, from broccoli and shitake mushrooms to beef or shrimp, and a sauce. The masters stir fry all of your choices together with an egg and a veggie mix, and within five minutes, you have your meal in a nice cardboard Asian takeout style box.

The great thing about Wok to Walk (and the reason I was able to continue to go back) is that there are so many choices. Each time you go, you can construct a completely new dish (or stand by an old favorite). Either way, it's inexpensive, so there's no problem with going back as many times as you need to find your favorite! [more ]

Wok To Walk

Wok to Walk is the perfect fast food concept. If you want food on the go but like me you’re vegetarian or not a fan of the burger style takeaways then this is perfect. You can choose from a variety of rice and noodles with bean sprouts and your choice of vegetables, fish or meat. Then you can have a sauce to suit your taste buds from spicy to very mild and then it all gets whacked into a wok and it’s ready within 2 minutes. It only costs around 7 Euros which is excellent in comparison to other surrounding options and for the huge amount you get. It really is one of the nicest things I ate during my travels around Holland and Belgium. Most places had lots of space to eat in but it comes in a lovely little wok box so you can take it with you with a fork or chop sticks if you prefer. [more ]

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