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La Alegria, Mijas

5.0 stars


A real joy of a lunch at La Alegria restaurant

La Alegria Restaurant (The Joy) was really delightful. We sat on the top roof with fantastic views to the mountains and the square. This restaurant was absolutely great value. They had a menu of the day for €8 including drinks, 2 main dishes plus dessert. As there are a few touristic restaurants next to the Main Square this place was a a bit deserted. The food was fabulous and the service great. We really enjoyed our meal and I will definitely go back there again. You will find La Alegria on the right side of the Main Square, going up the stairs.
If you visit Mijas I definitely advise you to eat at La Alegria rather than the overpriced pre-frozen pizza-seafood restaurants by the Main Square. [more ]

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La Alegria Mijas
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