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Visitor Centre, Ramm

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Camel trips

We found the camel trip a great way to experience the desert, but obviously you don´t get very far travelling at 6-7 km/h, so we did a few hours by camel and then explored further out by jeep.

You just turn up at the Visitor Centre and choose one of the tour packages which can last between 1 hour to a full day. Prices might change but to give you an idea the 5-6km trip to Lawrence' Spring was 7JD, a trip to the Sunset sites ( Khazali Canyon and Lawrence' Spring) was 40JD.

These prices are for the camel and someone leading you on foot. If there are a few of you it might be worth paying for a guide riding his own camel, especially if you are going for several hours.

Make sure you take enough water and wear a hat. [more ]

Jeep tours and prices

The official prices for tours are on display at the Visitor Centre. Basically the longer the tour, the more expensive it is.
The prices given are per vehicle - which can take up to 6 people - so you split the cost between the number of passengers. To give you a rough idea, at the top end a trip to Barragh Canyon was 80JD per vehicle. The shortest and cheapest trip takes you about 5 or 6 kilometres to Lawrence Spring and was 30JD per vehicle.
What´s important to know is that you are paying for a driver only and not a guide, who may or may not give any information on where you are going, if he speaks English.
If you decide to use a guide a good place to start your search is the Useful Contacts page on the website. [more ]

Wadi Rum Visitor Centre

If you are planning a visit to the protected area of Wadi Rum note that all visitors are required to call in at the Visitor Centre before starting with their itinerary. There is a standard entrance fee of 2JD – used to help local Bedouin communities and pay for the protection of Wadi Rum.

If you would like to do a guided tour you just choose the tour that you would like and they will assign you to the next guide waiting. If you have been recommended a particular guide he is only allowed to take you if you email or faxed a reservation 48 hours before your arrival. The tours are charged according to the official rates on display.
If you are going in a private 4x4 vehicle you also need to register at the centre.

The office close at 6pm but the reception is open 24 hours. There are also a few craft shopts and a restaurant with nice views of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. [more ]

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1. Lawrence's Spring 0.00 mi
2. Khazali Canyon 0.00 mi
3. Rock Bridge (Um Fruth) 0.00 mi
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