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La Paella , Torremolinos

4.0 stars


Day or night at La Paella Restaurant

Well, I´ve been to this restaurant twice and both experience where dramatically different. The first time we went for dinner and we had the most wonderful time. We sat by a lovely table next to a fountain. As the kitchen was right at the center you could see the cook and the kitchen staff singing jovially and hugging each other. I was really impressed with the friendly and family atmosphere. We all really had a laugh that night while enjoying the most gorgeous paella. As the owners were originally from Valencia (the home province of Paella) the paellas here are juicy and mild, not overly salted. My second experience was not so pleasant, we arrived for lunch and sat by a table next to the window by the beach. When the waiter arrived he "told us off" and said with bad manners we were not supposed to seat there and pointed out to another table. This was not a "language" misunderstanding. I am Spanish and the waiter was just rude and out of order. The result: We walked out! So one of those restaurants where food is great but it may depend what time of day you arrive or who is serving. [more ]

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La Paella  Torremolinos
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