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Los Manueles, Torremolinos

5.0 stars


Great seafood at Los Manueles

We visited Los Manueles for lunch. The place was full so we waited a few minutes for the first table available . There were at least 4 waiters and all of them where constantly moving from one table to the other. We had someone different for ordering drinks, ordering food and serving. I thought that was really good as we were served so quickly, we just had to wait for the table. There was a lively and active atmosphere and you can almost sit there enjoying the food scents. I had some nice kalamari and my boyfriend had "Dorada" fish. The prices were great, about €8 to €9 per course and the food divine. Although it was really hot there was a nice breeze coming through the open terrace. [more ]

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Los Manueles Torremolinos
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