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Heladeria San Miguel, Torremolinos

3.0 stars


buena terraza

All the workers are very friendly and the ice creams are delicious and sometimes very beautiful.
Bravo! [more ]

To be or not to be at the Heladeria San Miguel

Heladeria San Miguel was right at the heart of the touristic area in Torremolinos. This is a Artisan Ice-Cream shop with lovely terraces. But this popular place has a rather odd customer service. The funny part came when I fancied an ice-cream and my boyfriend a coffee.
San Miguel has and adjacent coffee shop to the Ice-Cream shop. We wanted to sit at the terraces but in the terraces next to the ice-cream shop coffee is not served and the one next to the cofee did not serve ice-cream. And we are talking about the same San Miguel. The staff was keen to help but they told us that unfortunately those were the house rules. I ask the guy if I bought a take-away ice-cream from the other shop could my boyfriend order his coffee and share a table. Surprisingly the waiter went inside to consult with the owner!!! Luckily they were ok about that. I never had such an odd experience in my life. Oh well, the gorgeous Artisan ice-cream was worth all the hassle. [more ]

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