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Singapore Turf Club, Singapore City

4.0 stars


A Unique Peek into the Lives of Singaporeans

Definitely a unique experience for a foreigner, the Singapore Turf Club allows an insightful peek into the lives of both the glamourous and the paupers of the country. With the rich arriving in limosines and jaguars, and the less wealthy making up the majority in their shorts and cans of beers, it is rather interesting to see the two distinct groups of people come together for horse-racing.

As the horses race off, the crowd cheers in unison, be it young, old, men or women. If you're looking for some off-the-beaten-track fun and local immersion, then this is the place to go. [more ]

Racing and Horses

The Singapore Turf Club is a historic institution in the north of the island. Their slogan 'Its Better with Horses" relates to the many race meetings where there is a large screen televisng racing from other locations rather than live racing. This course has some of the best racing in Asia. Top of the race diary is in May when the Singpaore Airlines International Cup is competed for in one of the richest races in the world. In 2008 this was some 3 Million Singapore Dollars, or €1.3 Million. The course has great facilites, with the option of air conditioned viewing or the cheap seats in the public non air con area. This is a surprisingly low 3 Sing Dollars. There is a dress code enforced of smart casual, so no jeans, sandals or collarless shirts. A good evening out at the races beckons. [more ]

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