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Plaza Mayor, Madrid

5.0 stars


Beautiful facades, music and markets at Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor was a beautiful and classic rectangular square in the center of Madrid. I really love this square´s buildings facades. The walls have beautiful paintings giving this large square a romantic aura. We sat down in one of the terraces while enjoying the afternoon sun. There were many street musicians and artists around the square and it was really relaxing to seat there while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. We came back another day and the square was transformed into a huge and busy market place. The square was crowded this time and I missed the quietness of the previous visit. There were many Artisan (very expensive) shops underneath the square arches, but this is the perfect location if you are looking for a typical souvenir. The nearest tube station is Opera but you can also get there walking from Sol Station in about 10min. [more ]

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