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Ritmo Ecuestre, Torremolinos

4.0 stars


Gorgeous Dancing Horses

Ritmo a Caballo was a lovely horse show very near Torremolinos. The horses looked beautifully attired and danced elegantly at the rythm of the pasodoble music. All the riders were dressed in traditional Andalusian outfits. The horse show lasted for around an hour and half. The Ritmo a Caballo show is only performed on Wednesdays in the afternoon and ticket price was €20. They also offered a dinner in a traditional Andalusian restaurant with a flamenco show for an extra €25, but we only attended the show. All tickets need to be booked in advance. [more ]

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Ritmo Ecuestre Torremolinos Ritmo a Caballo show Ritmo a Caballo show Ritmo a Caballo show Ritmo a Caballo show
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