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Crocodile Park, Torremolinos

4.0 stars


Cute baby crocodiles and a huge grandpa

When I visited Crocodile park there was a tremendously big 80 year old crocodile of 600kg which seems to be the biggest in Europe. There were about 300 crocodiles in total within the park. When we arrived we joined a guide that took us to an area where crocodiles get fed by a man who stands next to them with a piece of meat hanging from a stick. They also had a museum with exhibits about the crocodile anatomy. But the best part was the visit to the Crocodile Nursery as for the first time I thought a crocodile could look cute. They allowed us to hold and touch a baby crocodile which mouth had been conveniently taped with a rubber. It was a nice day out but you really need to love them to stay more than 2 hours here. The entrance fee was €10. [more ]

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Crocodile Park Torremolinos Crocodiles in the sun Huge Grandpa Crocodile
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